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Elevating and Pop Top Roof Options

When it comes to elevating roof conversions, the UK has seen some great pop top roof manufacturers gain ground against the established German companies such as Reimo and SCA. The Reimo and SCA still remain very good roofs produced to a high standard, unfortunately their prices have remained stubbornly high in part due to the Sterling/Euro exchange rates. There are also limitations to the warranties available with European campervan elevating roofs.

With build quality and value for money in mind, we tend to recommend several UK based pop top roof manufacturers. These companies also offer competitive fitment services.  A campervan elevating roof fitment is one part of your self build process that we would not recommend undertaking yourself.

By having it fitted by a professional you are more thoroughly covered with product warranties. The size of the pop top elevating roofs and nature of the cut out process, strengthening kit fitment and lifting on of the roof means that most self builders just don’t have the space or equipment to undertake a successful roof fitment.

Westdubs Elevating Roof Systems

Westdub elevating roofs are GRP vacuum formed to the highest standard to create a strong durable pop top roof that will last the test of time.

Available with a wide range of coloured canvases and complimented with a zipped scenic canvas that really opens up and changes the feel of your van. Reinforced, galvanised strengthening frames are added around the vehicle aperture to maintain the integrity and strength of your van.

The roof bed is also on air rams to accommodate full standing height in the van, while also providing a sleeping platform for 2 adults… though lets be honest, it’s usually the kids that love sleeping and playing in the roof (I think I’ve had a record of twelve 4-5 year olds crammed into ours)!

Suitable models of vans;

  • VW T4
  • VW T5
  • VW T6
  • VW Caddy

Standard Specification;

  • Choice of coloured canvases
  • Rear end scissor hinge for increased space in the roof bed.
  • Strong, stable roof bed platform on air rams.
  • Scenic, opening canvas.
  • Side and front windows
  • Strong, strengthening frame installed to roof cutout.
  • Tie-down straps for easy close
  • Colour coding of roof cap

A well-priced pop top elevating roof with a well thought out design and great build quality. Fitting can be undertaken by the manufacturer or by recognised fitters.

Skyline Elevating

The Skyline pop top roofs are similar in specification to the Westdubs elevating roofs, however, the Skyline options also include several unique designs such as the Aurora with it’s neat latch and lock down design, and the Skylow pop top roof –  a new elevating roof that has very low profile of just 4mm and no loss of headroom within the van.

The Skyline elevating roofs are M1 tested and available in a wide range of vinyl colours, like the Westdubs roofs they can include an elevating roof bed and mattress. Fitting can be undertaken by the manufacturer or by recognised fitters.

Suitable model of vans;

  • VW T4/5/6
  • Ford Custom
  • VW Crafter

Altitude Elevating roofs

A relative newcomer, Altitude elevating roofs have gained popularity for their build quality and price point. These are solid, well made pop top roof conversions and are available for a range of vans both SWB and LWB. The rear scissor hinge is a quality stainless steel fabrication and all parts come with a 2 year warranty. They are available with coloured vinyl canvases and colour coded shells. Fitting can be undertaken by the manufacturer or by recognised fitters.

Suitable model of vans;

  • VW T4
  • VW T5
  • VW T6
  • Ford Custom
  • Renault Trafic
  • Vauxhall Vivaro
  • Mercedes Vito
  • Citroen Dispatch/Expert
  • Caddy maxi

European Pop Top Roofs

If you do decide to opt for European campervan elevating roofs, the SCA roof design is generally considered a better specification when compared to the same priced Reimo pop top roof. We would certainly recommend these elevating roofs are fitted by a trusted campervan conversion company to ensure the full scope of the roof warranty is covered. Both SCA and Reimo can be very difficult to deal with regarding faults or warranty work.

SCA Elevating Roof Systems

German built, excellent build quality, and with a host of features that place it at the top end of campervan elevating roof design, SCA roofs have developed into one of the benchmarks of opening pop top roofs over the last few years. We usually fit the SCA 190 deluxe roof onto the swb T5 and the 192 onto the lwb.

Suitable for;

  • VW T5
  • VW T6
  • Ford Custom
  • Renault Trafic
  • Vauxhall Vivaro
  • Mercedes Vito

These pop top roofs have a complete lower frame section that pairs with the upper roof cap to create a more factory fitted look – similar to the VW  California design. The lower GRP frame places the canvas on a slight up stand meaning there is no chance of the canvas staying damp after use and degrading – a problem often experienced with the Reimo high top roofs. The canvas is also full replaceable as it slides out of an upper aluminium C-section.

The roof latches with a sophisticated double latch on each side of the roof, with a single central interior lever to disengage and open the elevating roof. The canvas has 3 window openings with a combination of fly screens and plastic windows. The roof also has a neat lower panel that slides across to cover part of the roof that is above your head in the cab area, this neatens the look of the interior when the roof is down as well as keeping the canvas tucked up out of the way and cutting down on road noise entering the cab.

Standard Specification;

  • Front elevating roof
  • TUV approved design
  • Secure tumbler locking system system
  • Single lever opening
  • Aluminium sliding panel covering roof access when closed
  • Dual zipped windows complete with midge screens
  • Fire resistant tent fabric
  • Folding mechanism pulls canvas away from hinges on closing
  • Easy replacement of tent in the event of damage
  • Comes with standard bed included and mattress with washable cover
  • Aerodynamic integrated front spoiler
  • GRP roof shell with foam core insulation
  • Rear scissor hinges for extra strength and height
  • Prefabricated galvanised reinforcing frame for strength, precision and ease of fitting
  • SCA Roof Track System available for application of cross bars
  • Bunk Size 240 x 120 cm (SWB)
  • Vehicle height with roof fitted is only 199 cm
  • Roof load capacity 70 kg

Contact Us For More Information

Wrapping up, it’s crucial to do thorough research when considering elevating roof conversions. Every detail matters in ensuring your campervan fits your unique needs. While we currently don’t stock or fit these roofs ourselves, our team is always here to help. We’re more than happy to share insights, give advice, and guide you on your journey.

Your campervan is not just a vehicle; it’s an extension of your lifestyle. Contact us today and let us help you make it the best it can be!

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