I’ve got a van, what sort of conversion should I have?

It’s easy to be confused or get carried away when you have just got your new vehicle and want to get it converted into a camper van for the summer. First thing, don’t rush! It’s always worth taking your unconverted vehicle away for a weekend camping to get an idea of how you will use the vehicle in the future. Remember, chances are you will use your vehicle on a day to day basis as well as camping, don’t get carried away by the fun weekend use and over look the more mundane shopping trip or school run.

How much is a conversion likely to cost?

If you are trying to buy a vehicle and factor in the conversion into your budget, you really need to have an idea of the type of conversion you will be having fitted. Again this comes down to intended use of the vehicle – Do you want to tour Europe, travel in this country or just have weekends away. Our Conversion Option page will give you ideas of the prices and what you get for your money.

How long will a conversion take?

We try to keep the most poular of our modular campervan pod units in stock, this allows us to install basic facilities such as a seat and pod unit in a day or while you wait. For most other fitted conversions we would require the van longer usually between 1-3 weeks depending on specification. Give one of our technicians a call on 01271 373853 if you would like to discuss time frames in more detail.

How do I order a conversion?

After initially finding out the conversion type you would like we will e-mail a quote and spec list to detail what is included. We ask for a 10% deposit to confirm quote and organise a fitting date. Finishes etc can be chosen and then we just need the vehicle with us for at the pre-arranged date, to carry out the work.

Do you convert any size of vehicle?

We have found that to offer a good product you have to specialise. As such we only undertake conversions on large MPV’s and small to medium sized vans. These include the VW Transporter and other similar sized vans. We do sometimes undertake campervan conversions to larger vehicles such as the Mercedes Sprinter.

What are your opening hours?

We are open Monday – Friday 8.30am – 4:30pm.

We do not currently open our shop at weekends.