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A bespoke VW T6 Campervan Conversion (or VW T5) is without a doubt becoming one of the most popular (and most comfortable) ways to enjoy a camping trip or weekend break away.

It can be quite daunting when you first start looking at base vehicles and the campervan conversion designs and options available. The VW Transporter maintains excellent resell value, so although you’ll have to pay more for the van compared to other makes initially, it really can’t be beaten on holding its value while you own it.

Choosing a suitable VW T6 or T5 for conversion really comes down to the individuals priorities on budget and vehicle specification, all can make excellent campervans but some thought needs to be given to what the end vehicle will be primarily used for. Will the van need to cater for day to day family life, will it just be a leisure vehicle used at weekends and holidays, is it needed for work as well as leisure?

We have put together a number of well thought out designs to offer to our customers as package deals.With various custom design options available, we can offer the flexibility that our customers need when choosing their conversion. Have a look through some of the packages below to get an idea about layout specification and pricing. Please feel free to call us regarding advice on suitable conversion designs as well as base vehicle options.