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Available in Fabric, Vinyl leatherette or Leather and Suede.
Excellent underseat storage access
Rear corner cutout to parcel shelve cushion, to facilitate fitting the seat at the back of the van
Ratchet supported cushions when extended as a bed – no ugly support legs that get in the way.

So you’ve chosen your bed width, now do you require a slider mechanism or not?

The RIB Altair non slider option has slightly better storage ability under the seat than its slider counterpart. The absence of a slider mechanism provides an additional 50mm height of  storage space under the seat, giving the non-slider variant the ability to house a small portaloo such as the Fiamma Bi-pot 30, height 330 mm available.

The non slider is often the choice of seat in a LWB van. The extra length of a LWB van means that the seat isn’t usually fitted at the very back of the van, the seat is usually fitted 3/4 of the way back for a more comfortable ride for passengers and to take advantage of the extra space behind the  Altair seat.

If you’re not planning to install campervan appliances or furniture or if they are condensed into a small pod unit then a non slider is often chosen and fitted mid way in the van to give the best compromise between traveling position and storage.

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All of our VW T5/T6 RIB ALTAIR Seats now come with an M1 tested* Anchorage kit.

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