3 x Integrated  adjustable headrests
650mm flip up rear parcel shelf cushion, Maximizing storage options.
3x  Integrated shoulder belts
Easy, quick seat/bed transformation.
Shaped contoured upholstery for comfort while traveling
1860mm long, flat 3 cushion bed design.

The 130cm RIB Altair has proven very popular over the last year or two as layouts for camper van conversions have developed and evolved. The 130cm width seat allows for a narrow set of campervan furniture to be installed, while retaining a wide bed and rear 3 seat design. Generally, there has to be stepout in furniture width at the front of the van to accommodate appliances, as the narrow gap left by the 130cm seat can be as little as 200mm. With this in mind the 130cm seat in conjunction with side furniture is most suited to the LWB vans, as this allows the front stepout in your campervan furniture to be more substantial.

Having a 3 seater to with a space to the side is also a popular option for active families who carry surfboards or larger items as they can be tucked to the side of the seat and not inhibit the number of passengers that can travel in the back.

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