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 Available in Fabric, Vinyl leatherette or Leather and Suade.
    220cm Slider mechanism fitted between upper and lower bases
    Rear corner cutout to parcel shelve cushion, to facilitate fitting the seat at the back of the van
    Ratchet supported cushions when extended as a bed – no ugly support legs that get in the way.

So you’ve chosen your bed width, now do you require a slider mechanism or not?

The sliding seat mechanism is build on top of the lower frame a bit like the adjustable slider on your front driver seat. (the seat height remains the same on both slider and non-slider models). The movement of 220mm doesn’t sound like a huge distance, but what it does most of all is give you versatility.

If we take the VW T5 as an example, usually the seat will be fitted at the back of the van with the parcel shelf flipped up and the slider in its backward position. In this position you have maximum space in the front of the van and more importantly have better access to the storage space within your conversion.

When the seat is slid forward on the slider (you can still carry passengers on the seat when in it’s forward position) the parcel shelf can be dropped flat to give over two feet of space at the back of the van to store bulkier items such as awnings and folding seats. Importantly this means that you don’t need to load the front of the van with large items that would get in the way.

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All of our VW T5/T6 RIB Altair Seats now come with an M1 tested* Anchorage kit.

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