3 x Integrated  adjustable headrests
650mm flip up rear parcel shelf cushion, Maximizing storage options.
3 x Integrated shoulder seat belts
Easy, quick seat/bed transformation.
Shaped contoured upholstery for comfort while traveling
1860mm long flat 3 cushion bed design.

The 150cm RIB Altair is the full width option and will fit most SWB and LWB makes and models of vans. The position of the full width seat – not being dictated by access to any side furniture, can be more flexible than the other width options. Most common is still to have it at the back or 3/4 of the way back to balance the storage and lounge space the van has once parked up.

The other seat position that is proving popular is to have the seat at the front – in a similar position to the rear seats of a Caravelle. This gives great storage behind the seat and in conjunction with swiveling the front seats will allow a family to sit around a single table. The compromise is that in this position the seat splits the van in two and so access to conversion appliances, furniture or pod units is greatly compromised.

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