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Knock-on Edging T-trim made of flexible, soft-edged plastic that fits 15mm furniture board or Ply.
Our range of Knock-on Edging trim in single, double or locker-door options will give your conversion a professional touch. You can simply notch the wood with a routing cutter and tap the trim with a rubber mallet without using glue.

Choose single-lipped t-trim for general edging and internal doors, double-lipped for worktops and tables, locker-door trim for your cabinets.

Available in multiples of 1 metre lengths, or more cost effective in multiple lengths of 10, 30, 50 & 100. Dark Grey, Light Grey, Silver, Black, Beech and our growing popular colours of Red, Orange, Light and Royal blue.

Available in single lipped, double lipped and locker-door trim.