110 Amp Battery Box & Electronics – 12v Socket, USB Socket, 12V Battery Monitor


Battery Box with Electrics

These compact battery boxes allow campers to safely transport their battery packs. The Polypropylene plastic is acid resistant and provides durable protection to the battery. The output sockets allow easy connection to a whole range of camping facilities such as portable fridges and LED TVs, as well as allowing convenient charging of phones and tablets.

The external connections allow solar or 240v charging to be applied without taking the battery out of its housing. The box is vented to eliminate any build up of charging gases.


Will take up to 100 amp battery, suitable for Led acid, AGM/Gel or Lithium batteries

12v digital voltmeter

Double USB Socket

2 x 12v Cigarette type socket

10 amp fuse breaker

External connections for solar/charging

Sturdy travel strap and handle

Maximum Battery Size; Length 310mm, Width 180mm, Height 220mm

Box external size; Width – 245mm, Length – 425mm, Height – 265mm

Box internal size; Width – 185mm, Length – 330mm, Height – 240mm

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