12v Dimmable LED Light, Touch Activated


These LED lights are touch switched – touch once for blue night light, touch again for warm white light, hold the touch button to dim or brighten the LED’s.


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70mm 12v Dimmable LED Light touch activated.
These are one of our most popular lighting ranges. The slimline design offers flexible lighting options in a range of sizes. All of these lights have a useful blue night light option to avoid glaring lighting when others are asleep. The main light in a warm light colour, is fully dimmable through the neat center touch button. The lights come with fixing screws and have a wide voltage range allowing them to operate between 11-18 volts. Surface mounted, so no need for a hole cut out other than to put the wiring through.
70mm Round Light; 130mm x 120mm x 10mm
Power 3.8 watts, 0.31 amps @ 12v
Lumens 300
Application, Ideally used as additional side lighting, or lighting above units

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