140 Amp Heavy Duty Split Charge System – Pre-Wired & Assembled


This split charging kit comes pre-wired and assembled except for final connection to the VSR. This is a heavy duty split charging kit capable of charging your leisure battery quickly through the 16mm2 cable supplied. The kit is the strongest split charging system we offer and can be used to charge a battery bank of several batteries as well as singular batteries above 100amp rating.

This kit has a wiring loom length of 3.5m, ideal if you plan to place your battery underneath the driver seat of your VW T5 Transporter or other similar size van (you will need to use a low profile battery and ensure there is adequate room for the battery and appropriate clearance. Please ensure the battery is securely locked down.

The kit also includes a neat, 6 way, single input fuse box. This provides a straight foward method of safely fusing the various 12v appliances in your campervan to the leisure battery.

This kit includes:

  • 140 amp VSR
  • 1 x pair of quick release battery terminals
  • 1 x 6 way fuse hold
  • 1.5m, 3.5m, 5m or 7m x 16mm2 charging loom
  • 500mm earth cable (black)
  • 1.5m, 3.5m, 5m or 7m split conduit
  • 10 x P-clips
  • 10 x cable ties
  • 2 x in-line fuse holders
  • 2 x 100 amp in-line fuses
  • 1000mm cable (fuse box input)

Please note that this is not suitable for Euro 6 engines or newer, these require a B2B charger such as the Sterling charger (Item SKU: EL-BC-B2B)




Additional information

Wire Length

1.5m, 3.5m, 5m, 7m

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