140 Amp Intelligent Split Charging Relay


This is a heavy duty split charging relay capable of allowing a strong charge to your leisure battery and thus charging your battery quickly. However,  it will require 16mm2 cable to operate at maximum efficiency. You will require some heavy duty crimpers and tools to fix crimps onto 16mm2 cable.  

This relay can be used with thinner gauge cable safely as long as the fuses used in the wiring loom are rated correctly to the size of the cable used.

Perfect for recharging your leisure battery quickly and efficiently, suitable for Euro 5 engines including VW T5, and Renault Trafic (Pre 2019)

  • 13.3v cut in
  • 12.8v cut out
  • Ignition protected
  • Approximate size; Width 70mm, Length 70mm, Height 55mm
Please note that this is not suitable for Euro 6 engines or newer, these require a B2B charger such as the Sterling charger

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