2mm Slot Cutter and 6.3 Door Cutter Pack- Red


6mm (1/4 inch) shank.

Carbide tipped cutters

2mm Slot Cutter

The specialist cutter is designed to grove your furniture board to allow flexible PVC edging trim to be knocked on. The T-trim grips the grove meaning that you only need a rubber mallet to fit the trim, (no glue needed)

These cutters will fit a standard 6mm routing col-let. They create a clean precise grove, the built in bearing sets the depth of the grove and allows the cutter to smoothly navigate the board edge. It will allow you to grove and trim both internal and external edges, curved and straight.

6.3mm Door Router Cutter

The cutter is designed to be used to cut out flush or partially recessed doors into campervan furniture fronts. When used with an MDF following template and following guide, the off cut piece routed out then becomes the door front. This saves time and material, while also allowing grain pattern to be continued throughout the furniture front.

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