4 Appliance Kit – CAN FL1402, Fridge Alpicool D30, Sargent EC160 Horizontal, 5m 60amp Split charge kit (Prewired)


This 4 appliance package includes;

  • CAN FL1402 LH Hob and Sink
  • Alpicool D30 Drawer Fridge
  • Sargent EC160 Horizontal Power Management System
  • 5m 60amp Split charge kit (Prewired)

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CAN FL1402 Hob and Sink

CAN double hob and sink with twin glass lids. A Compact design that is 7 inches (190mm) narrower side to side and 2 inches (50mm) narrower in front to back depth than the popular Smev 9222. Ideal for compact campers or to maximise available work surface, we find this unit invaluable when working on slimline or small conversion units.
Piezo ignition. (Length 715mm Width 340mm Depth 150mm) Please note that the FL1402 lid is reversible so can be a left or right handed unit as required.

Alpicool D30 Drawer Fridge

  • Built in Auto cut off to protect battery Integrity
  • Cooling capability to -15c
  • Removable sliding drawer.
  • Digital temperature setting and display
  • Efficient low power cooling technology (Runs for 2-3 days from 110 amp leisure battery)
  • Suitable to be run off solar (In conjunction with a leisure battery this would allow the fridge to run for several weeks without 240v input)
  • Comes with 12v only power adaptor.

This excellent, low power compressor fridge lends itself perfectly to a smaller campervan layout. It works particularly well in conjunction with a small Pod unit, as the fridge can be fitted under the seat allowing more storage space within the pod. It also works very well with full width Rock and roll seats. We often use this fridge in conjunction with a RIB Altair seat and accompanying Pod unit to create a versatile campervan weekender layout. The fridge will fit under the RIB Altair 112cm, 120cm and 150cm seat options. Produced in conjunction with LG Electronics these fridges have comparable efficiency to the Waeco CD30 (Average over a 2 day run period).

Gross Capacity – 30 Litres
Approximate Size: 440mm x 250mm x 700mm  Internal size (approx.) D 420mm, H 150mm, W 315mm

Sargent EC160 Power Management Unit (Horizontal)

  • 16A input via wired 2m lead
  • RCD & MCB protected with reverse polarity indication
  • Built in 12 amp,  13.8v fixed voltage battery charger with on/off switch
  • 3 x 10A MCB outputs
  • 2 x 15A battery inputs
  • 5 x outputs via screw terminal black
  • Pump output via pump switch & 5A fuse
  • Lights output via lights
  • Aux switch & Aux 10A fuse
  • Permanent output via 5A fuse
  • Fridge output VA 15A fuse (3 way fridge)
  • Built in split charge relay (configurable)
  • Built in EMC isolation relay (configurable)
  • Digital voltmeter with on/off switch

This plug and go power management unit is ideal for first time Campervan/motorhome self builders. The 240v consumer unit, 240v battery charger and 12v fuse box and distribution panel are all pre-wired into one compact unit. This unit has easy to connect terminals for both 12v and 240v, ready to connection to your various 12v and 240v facilities. The unit has built in 240v battery charging, as well as a built in consumer unit with MCB and RCD protection.

This one unit takes the place of all the separate components often found in power management kits, making perfectly suited for self builders.
We would always recommend that these units are installed or checked and signed off by qualified electricians before use.

Please note that you would need to include / purchase a separate VSR (Split Charger)

Dimensions: Front Panel: 300 x 150mm. Panel Cut Out 285 x 132mm x Depth 200mm

60 Amp Split Charge System – 5m Pre-wired

  • 60 amp VSR
  • 1 x pair of Quick release battery terminals
  • 1 x 6 way fuse holder
  • 1.5m, 3.5m, 5m or 7m Split Charging Loom
  • 500mm 16mm earth cable
  • 1.5m, 3.5m, 5m or 7m Split conduit
  • 2 x maxi fuse holders
  • 2 x 50 amp maxi fuses
  • 10 x medium p-clips
  • 10 x cable ties
  • 10 x 16mm pan head screws
  • 1000mm fuse box input cable (Red)
This split charging kit comes pre-wired and assembled except for final connection the VSR.
The 60 amp VSR unit can efficiently charge your leisure battery, while its smaller cable size makes it much easier to route the wiring loom between your batteries. The 6mm2 cable cross section is easy to work with while being heavy duty enough to deliver a strong charge to your leisure battery.
This is the set up that we install into almost all of the campervans that pass through our workshop. It is safer than the heavier duty 140 amp option in regard to both fire and over charging scenarios, thus more suitable for self builders and self installation.
The kit also includes a neat 6 way, single input fuse box, this provides a straight forward method of safely fusing the various 12v appliances in your campervan to the leisure battery.
*Please Note* This deal is for appliances only. Gas, Water and 240v electrical installation components would be required in addition. Please see our other listings for more details.