6mm to 4mm or 6mm to 6mm Campervan Awning Connection Kit


3 x 750mm figure of 8 plastic connectors
2.5m (6mm to 4mm or 6mm to 6mm) Awning Kador Strip

Used to facilitate an easy, weather tight connection of your awning to your van. Suitable for most awning types.

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This connection kit is designed to connect your free standing awning to the Fiamma F45 fitted to your van. Your campervan awning should have sewn in flexible piping within the front porch flange. This allows easy connection of the awning outer fabric onto the outer case of the F45. The connection allows protection from the bad weather by creating a porch area between the main awning and the van. If you want to move the van or go out exploring for the day then it’s easy to slide the kador strip out of the groove to detach it from the van, the awning is then left free standing until you are ready to re -attach on your return. We recommend that two markers are placed by the wheels of the van to allow accurate positioning of the van on your return for easy re connection to the awning.

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Kadar Strip Size

6mm to 4mm, 6mm to 6mm