Alpicool CF8 8L Car Fridge, Cools to -20c


New Product
Alpicool CF8 Campervan/Camping Compressor Fridge.
  • Cools to -20c
  • Built in USB socket
  • Wireless charging platform for phones.
  • Stylish yet portable design
  • Digital temperature settings
  • Comes with detachable flor base
  • Interior light
  • Auto cut off battery protection
  • Max and Eco modes for power efficiency
  • Runs off 12v
  • low power consumption averaging 1 amp/h, (12 watts on D/C)
  • 2 year warranty

Alpicool fridges are built in conjunction with LG Electronics and offer a very high quality build and specification. Alpicool are an established global brand particularly popular in America and Australia checkout the various on-line reviews for full confidence in the product.

The perfect car fridge for hot days out, This fridge has an 8 litre capacity designed to keep drinks and perishables ice cold. The fridge has a useful detachable base meaning that it can be securely fitted into your car or van while still being easily removable.
It has some great extra features such as a wireless charging platform for phones, and handy 12v USB socket for connection of devices and tablets.
The fridge is also perfect for medication that needs to be kept at cold temperatures.
The has a very low power drawer and will run for 3-5 days from a 110 amp leisure battery.
The size of the unit in particular is useful to campers and day-trippers,  the 12v power adapter can be plugged into a cigarette lighter type 12v socket.
The Auto cut off feature means that the fridge will cut out before it flattens your battery too far, this is especially important if you don’t have a leisure battery and are relying on your car battery via the cigarette lighter socket. After all no-one wants to be stuck in a field with a flat battery, unable to start their car!
Approximate External Sizes; Length – 520mm, Height – 400mm, Width – 185mm
Approximate Internal Sizes; Length – 230mm, Height – 270mm, Width 115mm.

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