Comet Geo-Inline 12v Water Pump


This powerful pump is designed to be fitted within the length of the water pipe route, its advantage is that it is more suitable for underslung tanks, or for use with an Aquaroll out side the vehicle as the pump doesn’t need to be submersed in the water container, instead the water is sucked up by the pump and pushed along the water pipe to the tap or shower.

It is much more compact (and a lot cheaper) than a bulkier Diaphragm pump, and can also be used with a micro-switched tap.

  • Pump diameter 42mm
  • Pump Length 150mm
  • Pump Power 25 watts
  • Cable Length 1000mm
  • Flow Rate; 15litres/min
  • 60mbar
  • Output/Input Stem 11mm
  • 12v Dc Power

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