Solar Panel Installation

  • Solar Panel Charging System Installation
  • We can install a solar panel charging system in to your vehicle to prolong your 12v running time.
  • Prices are variable depending on vehicle type, panel sizes.
  • We will provide a fixed quote once we have chatted through your requirements.
  • 100 w Black Flexible Panel with 10 Amp Regulator.
  • 175 w Fixed Panel with 20 Amp Regulator.
  • Both include Bluetooth Voltmeter.
  • Also consider our leisure battery and split charge installation to give a comprehensive 12v system.
  • Give one of our Technicians a call on 01271 373853 to discuss your requirements and book in.


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Installing a solar panel to your conversion can help extend the use of your 12v electrical system while ‘off grid’ with out a 240v supply or split charger.

With partial sunny conditions, it will easily accommodate the running power of a Waeco CR-50 or similar compressor fridge, with spare amps topping up the battery as required. If you are regularly away on trips longer than a weekend or plan to travel abroad these solar panels should cover your power requirements meaning that you won’t need to recharge you battery off the mains hook-up.

A useful addition to any camper set up.  Choose between a 100 w Flexible panel or a 175 w Fixed Panel.

100 w Black Flexible Panel Benefits –  Low profile so does not increase height of vehicle. Due to its low profile if is very discrete. Can be fitted onto pop up roofs.

175 w Fixed Panel Benefits – Larger panel with increased power. More efficient than a flexible panel.

Advanced MCU control pulse width modulated (PWM) technology, high efficiency operation.
Automated Target for Gel, AGM, Conventional lead-acid (WET) and Calcium Batteries.
Built in regulator to prevent your battery from being overcharged. Overcharging occurs when the charge voltage is unregulated. This can result in premature battery failure.

Come with regulator to prevent your battery from being under charged, in the solar energy field, battery undercharge always occurs, especially on some Conventional lead –acid or Calcium batteries; The unit provides an automatic Equalisation feature for deeply drained Conventional lead acid battery or Calcium battery.

Can be connected to the battery permanently to keep the battery fully charged by using a process called “floating”. This means the controller will stop charging when the battery is full and will automatically start charging the battery as required. This process will also reduce water loss and help prevent the battery from ‘drying out’.

Protects your battery from discharge at night. Under low light or no light conditions the solar panel voltage could be less than the battery voltage. The unit contains a special circuit which prevents current flowing back from the battery and into the solar panel.


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