Digital Battery Volt Meter Amp Meter – Round


These compact unit differs from most in that it measures both voltage and current (amps). The voltage measures the health of your leisure battery. Whereas the current reading (amps) measures the flow of power along your cable to your appliances.  If you want to work out how much power in watts is being drawn by your appliance, then you can use the equation W (watts) = V (volts) x A (Amps). For example, if the Ammeter is reading 4 amps then the power consumption would be 12 Volts x 4 amps – 48 watts.

This unit can also be used to gauge how much power in amps is being pushed into your battery by your solar panel, this is very useful to know as it will give you an idea on how fast your leisure batteries are being charged.

  • Operating voltage DC 12v-24v
  • Measurable voltage DC 6-28v
  • Measurable current 0-10 amps
  • Maximum input Dc 20amps

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