Single RIB Seat Swivel – Ford Transit – Suitable for Vans between 2000-2014 – Handbrake Adapter Included – Offset


French manufactured, the RIB swivel plates are a very popular choice with campervan self-builders owing to their solid construction and smooth mechanism.

The swivel plates fit between the base and seat slider rails on normal seats and pivot on a centre location point. The swivels have European TUV safety approval and lock securely in place facing forward for driving.

Upon purchasing this item, your kit will include the swivel plate itself and bolts to fit standard seat boxes along with a handbrake adapter

To rotate your seat:

Turn off the vehicle engine and release the handbrake temporarily

One the seat is facing the back of the vehicle, you can then re-engage the handbrake

If your seat has the capability to adjust up and down, you may need to adjust your seat higher to allow the seat to rotate freely without any catching

The offset feature of this swivel base means that the pivot point is offset from the centre by a few centimetres towards the handbrake meaning the seat will end up facing back a bit further away from the door. This is useful in vehicles with armrests as they will spin easier.

On some vans, the plastic handbrake cover, rubs on the swivel seat and may need to be removed

Please note that this base will raise the seat by approximately 43mm

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Compatible with Ford Transit 2000-2014

Compatible with heated seats and airbags

Comes in either drivers or passenger’s side

The hole centres are 395 x 385mm, and the height is 27mm

All swivel plates are TUV approved and are also fully crash tested

This seat swivel is for a single seat swivel – double seat swivel plates are available.

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