Truma Mono Control 10mm (8mm Adaptor) 30Mbar Gas Regulator


Truma MonoControl CS drive safe/secure motion safety gas pressure system with integrated crash sensor for caravans and motorhomes allows the use of gas heating whilst vehicle is in motion.  This safety gas pressure regulation system is ideally suited to ensuring safe heating whilst on the move. It has a built in crash sensor (CS) and integrated test point. Now can be installed vertically or horizontally.

  • Gas system flow rate does not have to be calculated
  • Permanently dimensioned for maximum consumption of 1.5 kg/h: consumers do not have to be calculated
  • Current-free: no additional current consumption in stationary applications; the caravan does not need a permanent positive from the towing vehicle
  • Suitable for use throughout Europe
  • No need for intervention in the tested and approved gas system
  • Compatible with existing Truma original accessories
  • Integrated test point
  • Crash sensor for increased safety
  • Inlet M20
  • Regulator capacity 1.5kg/h
  • Crash sensor is easy to reset
  • Crash sensor activation value: 4.0g +/- 1.0g
  • 30 mbar
  • 8/10mm

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