Glue – Primerless Window Sealant Cartridge Bostik – 300ml


Simson 70-08 is a class-leading, high strength SMP (Silane Modified Polymer) windscreen bonding adhesive – designed for automotive and coachbuilding. 70-08 is used where both a fast bond and very high strength adhesive is required. Used with prep-m ‘wash primer’.

Features and Benefits
• Excellent UV resistance and ageing resistance
• Excellent temperature resistance, permanent elastic within temperatures from -40°C till +120°C
• No odour
• Paintable
• Very low electrical conductivity. Suitable for use with window aerials
• Prevents contact corrosion on aluminium substrates
• Non staining
• Less than 1% carbon black content
• Possible reduced or no clamping required

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