Kisae 1000w 40A Power Inverter & Charger 12v/240v


Kisae 1000 True Pure wave Inverter/Charger – 2 functions – 1 product

The range of commercially rated electronics from Kisae are perfect for those of you who need powerful, quality power management solutions.

This powerful inverter /Charger has the best of both worlds, the 1000w Pure wave inverter allows 240v power to be produced from your 12v battery bank. The auto change-over sensors switch off the inverter when mains power is detected, the built in charger then kicks in and will automatically recharge the leisure batteries from the available 240v power supply. A great way to have continual power supply options to your 240v sockets.

Put simply it’s a 2 function unit in one neat housing with great auto switching features.

This 1000 wat inverter produces excellent pure wave output suitable for sensitive electronics such as laptops. The unit takes power from your leisure battery and efficiently changes it into 240v A/C power for your devices.

The 40amp built in battery charger is perfect for 200-400amp/h battery banks for quick efficient recharging

These are a lot of cheap modified wave inverters out there that are not suitable for laptop power and in fact even cheap brands offering pure wave power inversion can often damage sensitive equipment.

Kisae’s reputation for producing quality commercially rated electronics is well known and the SW1210 1000 watt inverter continues on this theme offering an excellent product that is easy to install and operate, while providing optimal performance to connected devices.

In short if you want a quality invertor for your motorhome of campervan this is the model for you.

Product Features:

  • 1,000 watts of premium sine wave output to run motor loads and sensitive electronics
  • 40 amp multi-stage charger to charge deep cycle batteries quickly and efficiently
  • Integrated transfer switch allows seamless switching from shore power to battery power
  • Automatic AC load sensing to prevent tripping the shore power breaker
  • AC junction box for easy hardwire connection
  • High frequency design results in compact sizes for easy storage
  • Detachable digital display
  • Dual GFCI outlet for safe operation
  • Built in USB port for charging USB devices
  • Heavy-duty stud connectors
  • Continuous / Thermally activated cooling fans
  • Audio alarm with warning/error codes to alert user to check inverter condition before unit shutdown
  • One year warranty
  • Conforms to UL458, cETLus approved

Protection Features:

  • Overload shutdown
  • Short circuit protection
  • High voltage shutdown (15.5 VDC)
  • Low voltage alarm (11.0/12.1 VDC)
  • Low voltage shutdown (10.5/11.8 VDC)
  • Thermal protection

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