Kisae 50 Amp Battery to Battery (DC-DC) Charger


The KISAE DMT1250 DC to DC Battery Charger is a 50 amp, fully automatic, multi-stage, multi-input battery charger with the ability to charge from either an alternator linked to a battery, or via solar power with the Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) Solar Controller. With two inputs available, the house battery will be charged from either the running engine, or via the solar panels when stationary. The process to choose either engine or solar is fully automatic and both functions are controlled from within the unit itself without the need for external relays.

During normal operation the DMT1250 will do a full charge cycle to float stage on the house battery bank with ability to choose either GEL, AGM, Flooded, Custom Programmable or Lithium. Once float stage is reached the charger transitions to a power supply mode to support any on-board DC loads.

The DMT1250 regulates its output based on the loads connected to your battery banks. This function is important in maintaining the life of your batteries as some battery chargers mistake loads for discharge and continue to keep the batteries in the bulk or absorption stage for extended periods of time, which will damage the batteries. The DC to DC Battery Charger has two methods of load-based regulation to ensure your battery charger transitions to float stage when it should do so.

Product Features

  • Multi-stage battery charging ensuring batteries are charged to manufacturers specifications
  • Microprocessor controlled multi-stage charging algorithms for gel, flooded, AGM and lithium batteries
  • Dual input MPPT solar input and auxiliary input
  • MPPT solar regulator provides maximum power from solar panels to battery
  • Silent mode for quiet operation
  • Compact design
  • Protection Features
  • Reverse polarity
  • De-rating charging current
  • Over temperature protection
  • Output short circuit protection
  • Battery overcharging protection
  • IP32 ingress protection

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