Kisae Battery Charger – 40A 240 – 12v 3 Output


Use this 240v charger if you require fast charging for a battery bank 200-400amp. Ideal for larger campervans or installations with particularly high power requirements.

The KISAE AC1240 40 amp 12 volt multistage 3 bank battery charger provides optimum charging and maintenance for your deep cycle batteries. Multistage battery chargers ensure that your batteries are charged the way battery manufacturers recommend, maximising the life and efficiency of your batteries.

Product Features:
Faster charge for your batteries
3-bank battery charging
Travel abroad and use anywhere (accepts 90 – 285 VAC input)
Optional remote allows you to view system information anywhere
Microprocessor controlled multistage charging algorithms: bulk, absorption, float
Settings for gel, flooded, AGM, and LifePO4 batteries
Battery equalization feature
Universal input voltage (90 – 285 VAC) is compatible with generators
Power factor corrected
Ideal for batteries 200-400 Ah
Protection features
Reverse battery polarity protection
Over temperature protection
Output short circuit protection
Battery overcharging protection
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