ReVace 50 Litre 12v Compressor Fridge with Icebox – Silver – Currently Unavailable


ReVace 50 Litre High quality construction and design using low power electrics and compressor technology to maximise the life of your leisure battery.
We have done extensive testing with this product and found it to have great efficiency and constant cooling capabilities.
On average use and conditions the fridge will run for around 3 days from a fully charged 110amp leisure battery, before the battery requires recharging. Perfect for those weekend trips when you don’t have access to 240v electric.
When combined with a 100 watt solar charging system  the fridge can be run indefinitely giving you complete off- the grid capability.
Initial start up power is approximately 48 Watts, average power consumption over 24h period is 12-18 watts per hour (1-1.5 amps). Power consumption will vary depending on the temperature set on the fridge and the internal temperature of the van.
We have undertaken direct comparison tests with fridges such as the Waeco CRX50 and Webasto Isotherm and have found the average 2 day power consumption is comparable.
  • Thermostatic temperature control
  • Auto cut off battery protection.
  • Low power efficient cooling
  • Modern design
  • Compact size, 50 litre capacity
  • Internal light
  • Easy connections
  • New design with variable right or left hand door hinge
  • Works on steep gradients/uneven ground, no need to level.
  • 2 year warranty
  • 510 (d) including spacers at the back x380 (w) x535mm (h)




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