Propex Electric Water Heater 10L – New Product


Specifically created for the caravan and motorhome sector and fully compliant with current ErP regulations, we bring you this Propex mains-powered hot water heater. For many campers, multifueled water heaters are no longer necessary due to the improvement in the quality and availability of site “hook ups.” So pull up, connect, and turn on this mains powered water storage heater to ensure that there will always be plenty of hot water available. The inner tank is constructed from enamelled steel plate, which is extremely durable, sturdy, resistant to corrosion and water scale, and has a long lifespan.
To stop heat loss and lower energy expenses this also uses a very thick non-CFC polyurethane foam.
It is simple to place in a bed box, locker, or under-seat storage area because to its clever design, unique appearance, and practical functionality.
Temperature gauge and control knob.
a number of safeguards against excessive heat, pressure, and electricity loss.
There is a variety of pipe connections available, and a 3 pin plug is included for quick and simple installation.
Mounting feet make installation simple. A 12mm push fit female fitting or an adapter to a 12mm barbed hose connector are alternatives for the supplied water hose connectors.

Rated Voltage: 220v

Rated Power: 800w

Rated Frequency: 50HZ / 60HZ

Rated Current: 4.1A

Rated Pressure: 0.8 MPa (116 psi)

Rated Water Temperature: 75c

Dimensions: 600 x 270 x 260mm

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