Propex HS2211 Gas Heater Kit, Underslung Mounting for Transit Custom and VW Crafter Single Outlet, Digital Controller Gas Only 2Kwatt – New Product


The Propex Heatsource HS2211 heater is an automatic thermostatically controlled blown air heating system fuelled by propane/butane gas.

The Propex Heatsource HS2211 heater is made to be mounted below a vehicle; many different bracket attachments allow for various mounting locations and orientations, expanding the possibilities for installation under floors or up between chassis rails.

Simple, intuitive controls make controlling the heater simple, and a continuous heater feedback loop makes system diagnosis quick and simple.

In vehicles and caravans, this unit is typically mounted beneath the floor or between the chassis rails, with vehicle-specific mounting kits available; the combustion pipes are then routed to the vehicle’s side. Because of the heater’s low profile design, no pipes or easily snagged parts are exposed, preserving the vehicle’s ground clearance. The heat is ducted to one or more outlets via tough, highly flexible 60mm ducting and up into your preferred location in the vehicle. To reduce heat loss, the ducting outside the vehicle should be run inside insulated ducting.

This item should be installed and tested by a trained LPG professional.

Maximum dimensionsHeight: 230mm, Width: 157mm, length: 430mm
WeightUnder-floor Installation 7.7kg
GasButane 28-30mbar – CAT I3+ (28-30/37), Butane/Propane 30mbar – CAT I3B/P (30)
Propane37mbar – CAT I3p (37)
Gas Consumption(M) 150g/h
Classification of HeaterType: C53 (Fanned) Normal Installation
C13 Vehicle In Motion Installation
Nominal Heat InputGas 2.0Kw
Battery Supply
Nominal voltage12V d.c.
Operating range10.0V d.c. min. to 15V d.c. max.
Maximum currentd.c. gas operation: 1.7 Amps (0.01Amps on standby)
Dry Storage Temperature-20°C to 70°C
Hot Air Duct Diameter60mm ID
Flue Diameter22mm ID
Maximum Exhaust Flue Length2m
Minimum Exhaust Flue Length0.75m
Maximum Combustion Air Flue Length2m
Minimum Combustion Air Flue Length1.0m

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