Rain Gutter Kit for Reimo or SCA Elevating Roofs


2 x Water channels for SCA or Reimo elevating roof (1.5 meters each)

If you have a Reimo or SCA elevating roof you will probably have experienced the drip, or should we say stream of water that can come off the roof and straight through the middle of the side window, making it tricky to enter or exit the van without getting wet. The water channel advertised sits above the door aperture as a discreet moulding and redirects the flow of water, pushing it forward over the top and down the side of the window. Simple to install with permanent double adhesive already pre-stuck to the moulding, simply de-grease the area above your door opening and push firmly in place to create a good bond.

Though the permanent double sided tape on the gutter rail can provide a good bond, we recommend that the end 100mm of the gutter profile is secured in place with a flexible polyurethane glue such as Sikaflex 221 or FC-40 (similar products can be purchased from your local hardware shop). This additional adhesive will stop any potential pealing back of the trim by the wind at high speed, such as when you’re on the motorway.

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