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Clearcut Conversions Seat Anchorage Kit.

We now have a new M1 Tested* Anchorage Kit for the RIB Altair that is suitable for use with 112, 120, 130 and 150cm seats. The Seat Anchorage Kit has had M1 in vehicle testing to ECE R14 and passed requirements easily, with over 10,000kgs of applied force.

You can view the test here;

Though it isn’t a legal requirement to use a tested fixing kit for seat installation, we’ve thought for some time that it was crazy for customers to invest in an expensive seat like the RIB Altair and not have the option to use a similarly tested Anchorage system. We have been using this design for some time and have been confident of its strength, but a comprehensive test allows us to be 100% confident in the installation.

We realise it isn’t feasible to have in vehicle testing in all seat positions, with all seat variants and widths. With that in mind, and to fully test the integrity of our Seat Anchorage Kit, we installed a 3 seater, 150cm width seat within a VW T5 chassis shell. We installed the seat in the weaker non slider position (this is where the VW T5 chassis beams are at their narrowest).

Testing the Seat Anchorage Kit with the Full width 150cm seat compared to the more commonly used 112cm width seat, meant that a much higher test load was applied due to the extra seat belt present and the increased weight of the seat.

Given that the Seat Anchorage Kit easily held the higher test pressures we have concluded that it is also suitable for seats that are exposed to smaller applied forces. (i.e. lighter seats, with fewer occupants).

We have designed the Kit to be a universal installation system for RIB seats in VW T5 and T6. The kit comes with easy to follow instructions and can be used with both Slider and non slider seat versions. (please note the kit won’t fit 4 motion vans)
Because of its “Chanel” design the kit can be used to place the slider version of the RIB Altair in its optimum position towards the back of the van, something that other kits based on a solid beam cannot, due to interference.

Clearcut is one of the largest importers of RIB Altair seats in the country. We keep over 100 seats in stock across the range of sizes and finishes and supply both Retail and Trade, as well as a offering full range of Campervan Self Build products backed up with technical support and advice on builds. We have an on-site shop with everything on display and can offer great prices particularly on component packages.

All seats purchased to fit a VW T5/6 will now benefit from the Seat Anchor Kit being included in the price. We can dispatch seats for delivery or you’re welcome to collect from our workshop, or have the seat fitted by us.

The Seat Anchorage Kit is also available to be purchased separately for those of you who already have RIB Altair seats.

*M1 Testing of under floor anchorage kit, fullfilling ECE R14 requirements, test carried out with the installation of a 150cm RIB Altair Seat in a VW T5 SWB Chassis shell.
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