Campervan 12v Electrical Water Heater, 6 Litre


  • 6l capacity
  • L347 X W262 X H225
  • Compact design for limited space
  • Wall mounting installation
  • heats water up to 65c.
  • Stainless steel inner tank (SUS304)
  • Well insulated to maximise heat retention
  • Thermal limit protection
  • Pressure relief valve included
  • Suitable for us with 12v batteries and solar installations

This compact 12v water heater is a great solution for smaller vans that require an off-grid hot water supply.

Power rating approx. 180watts

Heating time to 60c approx. 1 hour 45mins

Heating time to 40c approx. 55mins

Heating to 60c – Stored battery power used approx. 24amp/h @ 12.4v (297W/h)

Heating to 40c – Stored battery power used approx. 13.5amp/h @ 12.4v (170W/h)

The product is best paired with a diaphragm pump to provide adequate pressure to a shower, and a 100-200watt solar panel to assist with battery recharging. Unlike gas water heaters this unit doesn’t need external venting.

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