Seaflo Pressure Pump – 12V, 30PSI – Mounted with Accumulator


This system simplifies the installation of water pressure systems in your vehicle. The kit is made up of a chamber diaphragm pump, strainer, and pre-pressurised accumulator tank on an a-plate mounted board. Serves 3 or more 12mm outlets.

The pump pairs well with medium to large campervans and motorhomes that require good pressure to operate showers and basins. The accumulator evens the water pressure from the pump to create a smooth flow of water. Eradicating water pressure “pulsing” common on systems without a pressure tank. The system has an integrated filter and comes with 12mm nozzle connections for easy installation. For secure connection, use our 10mm pipe which can be warmed for the best fit.

  • 3.0 gallons/11.3 litres per minute of flow
  • Self-priming up to 6 feet (1.8m)
  • Iron feet for noise reduction from vibration
  • Complies with CE and RoHS
  • Three chamber diaphragms for smooth, quiet operation
  • MNPT connector for better seal
  • Motor can run dry without damage as it has thermal protection
  • Powerful enough to supply up to 3 fixtures
  • Heavy duty corrosion resistant motor
  • Built-in adjustable pressure switch
  • Can be fitted to new or existing systems

Tank Volume: 0.75L

Voltage: 12V

Control Type: Switch

Open Flow (GPM/LPM): 3.0/11.3

Max Draw: 11.0A

Ports: ½” MNPT

Wire Connections: 2-Pin/Leads

Model: SFWSK1-030-030-002

Weight: 2.7kg

Width: 370mm

Height: 260mm

Depth: 146mm

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