Smartgauge 12v Power Gauge (Battery Monitor)


Reliable accurate state of charge monitor – This unit will accurately tell you how much power is left in your battery – Not to be confused with cheap “Battery Monitors” that just give you the voltage reading of the battery.
SmartGauge is reknowned as The World’s Most Accurate Battery Monitor. It’s also the easiest to install and use. SmartGauge overcomes all the problems and disadvantages commonly associated with conventional amp-hour based battery monitors. These include: Loss of synchronisation, display inaccuracy, requirement of regular resetting, complex and time consuming installation and requirement that the user has to have an understanding of batteries. Once users understand the level of power left in their battery they can answer highly useful questions like “are the batteries charged yet?”, “When should I start the engine/generator?”, “Is there enough power to run that piece of equipment?” – if operators of vehicles/equipment not normally versed in the way of batteries can answer those questions, you can improve reliability & efficiency of your fleet by ensuring that batteries are properly cared for.
SmartGauge installs using just two wires across the Positive (+) and Negative (-) of a 12V battery bank. Any battery bank of 12 or 24V DC may be monitored with any number of connected batteries up to 2000Ah. A second battery may also be monitored (voltage only) with a third wire. SmartGauge is supplied with a convenient fitting kit that includes fuses and fuse holders.

  • High Performance accurate SoC monitor
  • Does not run out of synchronisation with batteries. Much more accurate than basic Ah counters
  • Provides voltage and SoC% for auxiliary battery and voltage of engine start battery
  • High/Low voltage and SoC% alarms
  • Alarm contacts for auto start/stop of generators, load shedding, external alarms etc.
  • Simple 2/3 wire installation & set-up
  • Dimensions: L112 x W77 x H29

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