Dometic/Smev 8821 with Standard Installation Kit and Isotherm Fridge


Smev 8821 Hob, Sink, Fridge – Installation kit and Isotherm Elegance 50
Smev 8821
A compact neat design, ideal for smaller conversion designs where space is limited.
Stable, removable cooking platform. Good size practical sink that allows for the micro-switched tap to be hidden under the glass lid when not in use.
Installation kit for both gas and water
Isotherm Elegance 50l
A low power fridge designed to give you long term efficient cooling – can be run off 12v or 240v through a power distribution unit such as the PMS3 ( see other listings) Using Danfloss compressor technology and well insulated this fidge is rapidly proving to be a market leader in campervan/motorhome fridge design.
1 x 8821 combination unit with twin glass covers
1 x Isotherm elegance 50l compressor fridge
1 x 8821 hole template
1 x Camping gas regulator
1 x 8mm compression joint
1 x 8mm compression nozzle
1 x gas vent
2m of 8mm copper pipe
1 x 1m flexi gas hose
1 x micro-switched tap
1 x waste outlet and plug
1 x 10l water container
1 x 12 lpm submersible pump *upgraded to Seaflo Pump 0.6ba
1 x 2m fresh water pipe
1 x 2m waste water pipe
1 x 2m twin core wire
4 x hose clips
6 x wire connector crimps
4 x gas fixing clips
4 x waste pipe fixing clips
4 x water pipe fixing clipsSmev 8821 Hob, Sink, Fridge – Installation kit and Isotherm Elegance 50
Smev 8821

Please note, all permanent gas installations should be installed or checked by qualified engineer.
The regulator supplied is suitable for portable or removable pod units only, if you require gas components for permanent installations complying to EN1949 please see our other listings incorporating a Bulkhead Mounted regulator kit.

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Smev 8821 Hob, Sink, Fridge – Installation kit and Isotherm Elegance 50

Dometic Rebrands

Dometic has announced it is to rebrand, bringing all its sub-brands into the parent company. The change will mean its sub-brands including SMEV and WAECO, will now be sold under the Dometic label.
The company says the rebranding has been created to provide one distinctive, common corporate brand to represent its product portfolio. With the new Dometic they are renewing their promise to provide solutions that satisfy people’s essential needs while living mobile.

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