Solar Panel – 100 Watt Folding Solar Panel Kit


The kit has several important features which make it a truly unique premium quality product:
  • High efficiency 100W folding monocrystalline solar panels are made of high quality solar cells
  • Storage bag
  • Advanced fully automated 10A solar charge controller provides complete overcharge, reverse current, incorrect polarity and short circuit protection
  • The controller uses PWM technology and supports several battery types with different charging parameters for maximum efficiency of charging
  • The kit is very easy to set up and install, you can start using it in seconds.
Solar panel specifications:
  • Peak power: 100W
  • Maximum power voltage: 18V
  • Support stand to angle towards direct sunlight for max generation
  • Crocodile battery connection clips
  • Weight 9kg
Charger Controller specifications:
  • 10A max Rated Discharge Current and Rated Charge Current.
  • Suitable for 12V systems
  • Only suitable for lead acid batteries: Sealed wet lead acid, AGM, GEL.  This controller is not suitable for nickel metal hydride, lithium ion or other batteries.
  • Maximum solar input; <50V
  • USB outlet – 5V/3A maximum.
  • working temperature range -35 to +60 Deg C
  • Dimensions – 150 x 78 x 35 mm
  • Weight – 150 grams

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This 100W  folding solar kit includes all you need for charging 12V battery:

  • High efficiency 50W + 50W folding solar panels
  • Advanced fully automated 10A solar charge controller with many protection functions
  • Adjustable aluminium stand, handle and latches
  • 2.5m cable with a battery plug and a fuse
  • Battery crocodile clips for ease of connection
  • Protective case
  • Installation manual