Solar Panel – 100W 12V Semi Flexible – White


  • Peak power: 100W
  • Maximum power voltage: 18.2V
  • Maximum power current: 5.49A
  • Open circuit voltage: 21.4V
  • Short circuit current: 5.82A
  • Power allowance range: +/- 5%
  • Solar Panel Dimensions: 1060 x 510 x 4 mm
  • Weight: 3.15 kg
  • 2 x 1m of high quality single core solar cable (4mm² cross section)
  • Male and female MC4 connectors

This 100W solar panel’s excellent efficiency makes it ideal for outdoor permanent usage. It can provide free electricity to charge 12V batteries for a variety of uses, including solar lighting systems, off-grid systems, and backup solar power systems. Additionally, the panel can be utilised to give direct power to a variety of grid-tie applications as well as electric motors and pumps that are not sensitive to variations in input voltage or current.

This reinforced semi-flexible solar panel has a unique 7-layer construction, featuring an embedded sheet of anodised aluminium fully encapsulated within the solar panel. This more substantial semi-flexible solar panel is one of the strongest ones on the market due to to the added reinforcing, which provides higher strength and resilience.

This 100W semi-flexible solar panel’s surface, which has a longer service life than typical semi-flexible solar panels, is built of sturdy ETFE material in addition to the aluminium reinforcement. Because of this, these specific semi-flexible solar panels are exceptionally durable and less likely to crack, delaminate, or corrode. This panel’s coating, which is softly textured, generates an anti-reflective surface that enables it to absorb much more light, boosting efficiency. Long-lasting and high-temperature resistant projects, like the Eden Project in Cornwall, have relied on ETFE material.

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