Solar Panel – 155W 12V Solar Technology Rigid Mono High Density – All Black – New Product


  • 5kg
  • 1310 x 670 x 30mm
  • Monocrystalline solar cell for high efficiency charging in all weathers
  • Water resistant and robust for outdoor use
  • Comes with solar panel, cable, fuses/terminals, fitting instructions & 10-year manufacturer warranty
  • Compatible with 15Ah or 20Ah charge controllers

This rigid panel by Solar Technology International offers energy to suit your requirements, ranging from a continuous trickle feed or power to prevent battery drain to creating self-sufficient energy for off-grid travel.

A suitable charge controller should be used with MHD solar panels to protect and prevent the battery from being overcharged and reverse current draining.

Compatible solar mounting aero profile available to purchase separately

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