STee FRee Universal Foldaway Sleep System for Combi and Shuttle Vans


*Bed width is 140cm**
**Does not include mattress topper**

This is an affordable solution for easy conversion of your van/people carrier into a campervan/day van. With this cleverly designed sleep system, there is no need to spend loads of money on conversions. With just a few simple steps, you can prepare a comfortable bed by adding this sleep system in you van when it’s required as a camper. It is easy to assemble and put in a van. It is a one-man job with no instruments required. The frame is compact and can act as a useful parcel shelf at the back of the van, it can then be pulled forward thanks to it’s telescopic frame to create a comfortable flat bed over top of your existing seats.


Suitable Vehicles:

VW: Caravelle (LWB, SWB), Transporter (LWB, SWB), Transporter Kombi (LWB, SWB), Shuttle (LWB, SWB)

Mercedes: Vito (LWB, SWB), Viano (LWB, SWB), V-Class

Citroen: Space Tourer (LWB, SWB), Dispatch (LWB, SWB)

Ford: Tourneo Custom (LWB, SWB), Transit Custom (LWB, SWB)

Nissan: NV300 Kombi, NV300 Panel Van

Vauxhall: Vivaro Life (LWB, SWB), Vivaro B (LWB, SWB), Vivaro B Panel Van (LWB, SWB)

Peugeot: Traveller (LWB, SWB), Expert Kombi (LWB, SWB), Expert Panel Van (LWB, SWB)

Renault: Trafic Passenger (LWB, SWB), Trafic Panel Van (LWB, SWB)

Toyota: Proace Verso (LWB, SWB), Proace Panel Van (LWB, SWB)


Product details:

1 – Frame: The folding frame is made of lightweight powder-coated materials as aluminium and thin-walled steel. This combination of materials makes the bed frame strong and flexible. Bespoke hardwearing plastic profiles are integrated in the construction to allow smooth extensions of the legs. This guarantees a super quick and easy bed assembly! The frame extends to a bed length of 195cm.  The lying surface varies between 130 and 140 cm wide, depending on the type of the vehicle. The first section has a reclining function.  The height of the frame is adjustable; thus, it can be used in various commercial vans and people carriers.

The lounge functions!

With the reclining function, one can use the bed as sofa for reading or watching television. Just lift by holding the metal bar and release at the desired position. There are three different levels of adjustment. To return to a flat position, just pull the provided pull strap.

 2 – Mattress support bed basis (X3): Compressed plywood boards fitted with clips, distancers and metal profiles. Décor: Light gray. Highly abrasion-resistant surface. Extremely durable, yet light due to multiple cut-outs. The cut-outs provide flexibility and mattress ventilation.

3 – Foldable memory foam mattress: The mattress is made of high grade and top-quality car upholstery grade material, filled with combination of foams. Base of 5 cm HR high quality foam and top layer of 2 cm gel memory foam. This optimal combination of glued together foams, results in an ultimate comfort experience. The total thickness of the mattress is 7 cm / 3″. The foam core is not removable. Made in anthracite grey.

4 – Four heavy duty tension straps for securing the frame in a van.

The mattress is sown in one piece with extra material allowing to be rolled up into a nice compact unit secured by two straps which makes it easy to store and carry.  There are two options of width: L195 cm / W142 / H7 cm, and L195 cm / W132 cm / H7 cm.

The material may vary slightly but the dominant colour will always be Grey and will always be car upholstery grade!

Please note! The mattress comes in a carrier bag included in the price. The bag is made of hardwearing textile.

This is a professionally made product, made by enthusiasts for enthusiasts.

Country and Region of Manufacture: EU

Product Group: Interior Parts

Product Type: Sleep System



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