STee FRee VW T5/T6 Caravelle/Multivan – Multiflex Board Platform Bed without Assisted Lift


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This is an affordable solution for easy conversion of your VW van/people carrier into camper a van/day van. Especially designed as a VW T5/T6 Caravelle bed extension that interacts with your original Caravelle rear seat.  You do not have to spend loads of money on conversions. With just a few simple steps, you can prepare a comfortable bed by adding this bed extension to the rear of you van. It is easy to assemble and fix to the locking rails of the van. When not required as a bed it can be used as parcel shelf for better utilisation of the boot space. Because of the board sturdiness, it can carry heavy loads. Max pay load 180 kg. The board is hinged and can be lifted if required to gain better access to the space under the parcel shelf.

For maximum comfort pair this product with the STeeFRee folding mattress.


1 – Consoles: Two consoles made of blasted stainless steel with stainless steel hinges. Each console has two locking units, for secure handling in the locking rail. Also, bottom end stabilizers to eliminate side movements when driving. Two rubber buffers prevent rattle noise. Screws for board fixation provided in the package. Height 50.5 cm. Total weight: approx. 5.0 kg

2 – Board: Compressed wood panel approx. 142 cm x 62 cm, weight 7kg. Décor: Anthracite, Ergo Soft leg edge 5 mm. Highly abrasion-resistant surface. Extremely durable. Lighter and more durable than the original CA. It comes with pre-drilled holes, making it easier to fix to the console hinges.


The height of the Multiflex board precisely corresponds to the height of the third seat (bench) when reclined, so that they can make an even surface.  You do not need any tools to fix the consoles to the rails. They can be easily mounted to the rails with the anchor bolts and clamping knobs provided. The T-shaped anchors have a groove at the top. When the groove is parallel to the rail, it is in unlocked position. When perpendicular to the rail is locked.

The board gets fixed to the hinges with the screws provided. The hinges allow the board to lift in an upright position to create ample space for bulky loads.

This board fits into all SWB and LWB VW T5 / T6 Caravelle/Multivan models from 2003 up to date with long bottom locking rails on the floor, as well as VW Transporter conversions.

We are willing to continue improving our product to satisfy our customers. Should you experience any difficulties with this product please do not hesitate to get in touch.
This is a professionally made product, made by enthusiasts for enthusiasts.

Country and Region of Manufacture: EU

Product Group: Interior Parts

Product Type: Bed extension

Brand: STee Free

Mounting Position: Rear

Surface Composition: Multiplex plywood

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