STEEFree Memory Foam Mattress Topper – Universal Foldaway Sleep System


This mattress topper is made of high-grade, top-quality car upholstery grade material, filled with combination of foams. Base of 5cm high quality foam and top layer of 2cm gel memory foam. This optimal combination of foams, results in the ultimate comfort experience. The total thickness of the topper is 7cm / 3″. The foam core is not removable. Made in anthracite grey.

The mattress is sown in one piece with extra material allowing to be rolled up into a nice compact unit secured by two straps which makes it easy to store and carry.

The mattress topper is made to measure to fit on top of various R&R beds or seats, adding extra comfort and help protect against lumps and bumps.

The material may vary slightly but the dominant colour will always be Grey and will always be car upholstery grade!

Please note! The mattress topper coms in a carrier bag included in the price. The bag is made of hardwearing textile.

Manufacturer Number: MFM4610

Manufacturer: STee FRee

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