Sterling Battery to Battery Charger



  • Multiple activation modes: Automatic for most non vehicle application
  • Regenerative braking (requiring ignition feed)
  • Automatic regenerative braking, requiring no ignition feed
  • Current is NOT taken from the input battery and given to the output battery. The B2B uses alternator power to charge the output battery. Manual mode and regenerative braking mode allows you to override this.
  • Thermal power reduction.
  • Multi stage fan cooling
  • Night time setting: Allows the unit to ran at half the power so the fan noise is kept down.
  • Boost/reduce charging: The B2Bs ensure batteries get the correct charging profile irrespective of high or low input voltages.
  • 9 pre-set battery chemistry options: Including AGM, LiFePO4, Gel, Flooded and sealed lead acid.
  • 4 stage battery charging:
  • Very simple to install: No electronic control unit (ECU) issues. No complex wiring. No warranty issues. Fully prepared for smart alternators (regenerative braking).

(Supplied with full fitting instructions)

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Battery to Battery chargers are fast becoming standard requirements on a lot of the newer vehicles such as the VW T6 and Ford Custom. This is due to the more sophisticated alternator and regenerative braking systems the new model vans have installed. On such vehicles standard Voltage sensing relays won’t properly and may even prove to be a fire hazard.
Easy to install for self builders, the unit comes with wiring instructions that are easy to follow.