Straight Track Curtain Suitable for Trafic, Vivaro, T4, Vito


Each set includes;

2 x double layered stretch blackout curtains, with sewn in track runners.
2 x Upper and lower powder coated aluminium curtain track, straight 1200mm lengths.
Pre-drilled fixing holes in rails
Shaped end caps, side poppers and self tapping screws.
Neat, sewn in side tie backs..
Size is approx 90cm wide x 54cm high, slightly stretchy.

A neat compact curtain set that is easy to install and nicely finishes off your campervan installation. The practical blackout properties are invaluable in mid summer when the kids are trying to get to sleep, or you want to avoid waking with the sun in the early hours. The smooth stretch, double layered fabric will also help with heat insulation and also reduce window condensation.

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These sets have straight track lengths making them a versatile fit for a variety of van models. The tracks can either be fitted on the vertical face of the side wall of the van, or they can be hand bent to fit within the window reveal (bend the track before you cut it to length).
The aluminium track can be bent gently over your knee until the right shape is formed, and then cut back to size required. (this means that it will not form a tight radius but the shape is adequate for 95% of requirements for vans, and a sensible alternative to those van models that don’t have pre-formed curtain track options available.
The 1200mm track lengths make these sets suitable for both SWB and LWB van windows.