VW T5/T6 Sliding Door, Opposite Sliding Door, Passenger Rear Quarter & Barn Door (LWB)



Barn door blinds
Sliding door window blind
Opposite sliding door window blind
Rear quarter passenger window blind (LWB)
A set of suckers
2 x Convenient drawstring travel bags

Please note that this set is not suitable for a factory fitted Caravelle half sliding windows.

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The thermal screens/blinds are invaluable when you’re on your camping trip. They serve several purposes, firstly, they keep you warm at night by insulating the windows from heat loss. The thermal properties of the screens also reduces the amount of condensation that can form in the van especially on your windows. They are also great at keeping the van cool in the hot summer months, especially if the van is locked up in a hot car park for the afternoon!

The screens are full blackout blinds they make use of black suckers so that light doesn’t bleed through the eyelet holes and disturb your sleep in the early dawn mornings.

We sell a full range of VW T5/T6 thermal screens/blinds. Please see our other listings for a thermal screen set to suit your requirements, as well as a full range of campervan self build products.