Mito Table Rail & Clips Set – 1000mm Length


  • Stylish anodised aluminium profile
  • Friction lock onto rail
  • Toothed lock onto rail
  • Slimline 11mm rail protrusion
  • 1000mm length 38mm depth rail for versatile table positioning
  • Aluminium rail length easy to cut down if required

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We’re confident these new Mito rails will prove popular with self builders. They feature a slimline design of 11mm depth, meaning the rail is less obtrusive than other designs and less likely to catch your Rock and Roll seat as it is moved into a bed.

The aluminium length is easy to cut down to the your required length with a jigsaw or hacksaw.

The table clips incorporate a neat friction lock so that the table doesn’t slide when in use any where along the rail, there is also an additional toothed lock that allows the table to be securely locked in set positions when required. (perfect to stop the table from moving if you have children like mine that seem to be all arms and legs).