Variable Size, Standard Tambour Door Kit – Gloss Black


This kit includes:

  • 2 x track runner lengths,
  • Pair of spiral reels.
  • Tambour door slats with built in handle detail, and end slat.
  • Magnetic strip for secure closing.
  • Location blocks

These are an attractive and versatile way to access your storage lockers.

Easy to install, these doors are positioned behind a pre-cut aperture to give a great finishing touch to your campervan conversion.

How to measure your required tambour door size: –

SL (mm slat length/Width) x SR (mm slat roll length)

We also offer bespoke sized tambour doors cut the the size you require.

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Additional information

Weight1 kg

100SL x 300SR, 100SL x 400SR, 100SL x 500SR, 100SL x 600SR, 100SL x 700SR, 200SL x 300SR, 200SL x 400SR, 200SL x 500SR, 200SL x 600SR, 200SL x 700SR, 250SL x 520SR, 300SL x 300SR, 300SL x 400SR, 300SL x 500SR, 300SL x 600SR, 300SL x 700SR, 350SL x 500SR, 400SL x 400SR, 400SL x 500SR, 400SL x 600SR, 400SL x 700SR, 500SL x 500SR, 500SL x 520SR, 500SL x 600SR, 500SL x 700SR, 600SL x 600SR, 600SL x 700SR, 700SL x 700SR, 400SL x 300SR, 500SL x 400SR, 600SL x 500SR, 700SL x 500SR, 700SL x 600SR