Teleco Wifi Router


With the Wi-Fi WFT402, you won’t have to be a slave to the campsite’s Wi-Fi signal, which can occasionally be so congested you won’t be able to connect even when quite close to the source.

Why should your camper or caravan have a Wi-Fi router? Since the Wi-Fi WFT402 Router can serve up to 4 devices (tablets, phones, smart TVs) in the vicinity of your vehicle and has far higher 2G-3G-4G signal reception sensitivity than regular cell phones.

This device is ideal for campers, motorhomes and horseboxes and operates at 12 volt and will transform the amplified 4G – 3G Booster signal.

into a Wi-Fi source that lets you watch movies or your favourite series on NETFLIX on your tablet or SMART TV without any annoying interruptions.

Technical Specification:

Reception Frequency:

  • GSM: 900/1800 MHz
  • 3G-UMTS: 2100/900 MHz
  • 4G-LTE0(B20), 900(B8) 1800(B3) 2100(B1) 2600(B7) MHz
  • SIM Card Ready
  • 1 Ethernet Port
  • LTE Category 4 Wireless CPE

External Antenna not included.

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