12v Touch Reading Light Blue & White with Glass Front


Touch operated with 2 settings – main light in warm white or mood light in blue.

These lights look great in place and can be a versatile option as a secondary light source in you van. Powerful and directional these are ideal as reading lights or if you need additional lighting projected into an area. The touch operated base also provides low level blue mood lighting when a more moderate light source is required.

Flexible 12v LED spotlight. bright but low power – 1.5 watts chrome.

Strong, Stylish, Flexible 12v LED Spotlight. Bright but low power

1.5 watts

A lot of our customers are changing the old inefficient halogen lights on their Motorhomes and Caravans to low power LED lights. At approximately 5-7 times the efficiency of the equivalent halogen bulb and with very little heat generated our range of LED lights make a huge difference to you van’s power consumption.
If you’re replacing an existing light on your van/caravan it is usually a straight swap using the existing wiring circuit in place.
Alternatively (+) and (-) cables will need to be routed to a suitable power source such as your leisure battery and in conjunction with a 5 amp in line fuse.
For Information on Technical Specification and Support, please feel free to contact us.

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