Truma Combi 4E Water and Air Heater


All of the advantages of Combi4 are combined with those of an electric heater in Combi 4E. It also features integrated heating elements, unlike Combi4. This enables you to use the heater at camping sites without using the car’s battery thanks to the 12V power supply unit. Utilizing extremely little electricity, Combi 4E. When it’s cold outside, the heater operates in mixed mode, electricity mode, and gas mode for self-sufficient use. Combi 4E turns off the space heater in the summer and only heats the water.
Combi 4E, like all other Combi models, combines space and water heating into a single device. Within a short period of time, the heater gives your van a pleasant level of warmth.

Additionally, it warms the water used for showers, dishwashing, and hand washing. The best part is that just one appliance needs to be installed in your motorhome or camper. As opposed to a S heater, there are no obstacles for you to navigate inside your vehicle, saving space and weight.

  • Energy sources: Propane/Butane & electricity
  • Operating pressure: 30 mbar
  • Rated heat output in gas mode: 2000W / 4000W
  • Rated heat output in electric mode: 900W / 1800W
  • Rated heat output in mixed mode: max. 3800W
  • Fuel consumption: 160-335g/h
  • Power consumption (at 12v) operation of heater & water container: max. 6.5A for short periods (average approx 1.2A)
  • Power consumption (at 12v) heating water container: max. 0.4A
  • Power consumption (at 230v) 3.9A / 7.8A
  • Air flow rate (free blowing) with 4 warm air outlets: max. 287 m/a
  • Water capacity: 10 Litres
  • Pump pressure: max. 2.8 bar
  • System pressure: max. 4.5 bar
  • Heating time (15c to 60c) approx. 23 minutes
  • Weight approx. 15.5kg
  • Dimensions (L X W X H) 510 X 450 X 300mm

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