Truma Diesel Combi D6E Heater and Boiler Inlet X Control Panel (Non-Stock – Special Order)


All the parts required for installation and operation of the unit itself are included in the Truma Combi D6E Diesel air space and water heater kit. With an electric element and a diesel heater in place of a gas heater, the Combi D6E offers all the features of the regular Truma Combi range, making it more suitable for long-distance travellers. It is also more efficient.

The Combi D6E is a space heater that may also be used as a hot water boiler, although it is lightweight and compact. The Truma D6E can heat your home and offer enough hot water for daily duties thanks to its built-in 10-litre hot water storage tank.

With its four warm air outlets, the Combi D6E effectively heats your living area. The Combi D6E’s digital Truma I-net control panel gives you instant function control, enabling you to effortlessly choose between hot water and air or even both at once.

The D6E can run both the diesel heater and the device on 230V mains. This allows you to utilise diesel to heat water and the air in your living area. If diesel is not available, you can also use the electric element in its place. For maximum economy and performance, you may even use both diesel and electric together.

The Truma Combi D6E kit includes:

  • Truma Combi D6E diesel and electric heater unit
  • Truma I-net digital control panel
  • John Guest water kit
  • 6 metres control panel cable
  • Truma Combi diesel exhaust/flue and air inlet kit
  • Truma universal fuel take off kit (works with most vehicle standard fuel senders)
  • Japan Solderless Terminal electrical ends
  • Truma installation and operation instructions

New installations will require warm air distribution ducting. Please note that the Truma Room Temperature Sensor Cable is not included in the kit.

Truma iNet control panel

The Combi D6E kit from Truma includes the innovative I-Net digital control panel. In addition, if you have a Truma air conditioning unit, the control panel can automatically co-ordinate the heater and air conditioning to ensure your living space maintains a comfortable environment (please note a TIN distributor is required to connect 2 appliances to the iNet X control panel)

Energy sources: Diesel as per EN 590

Rated heat output in diesel mode: 1000W/2000W/3000W/4000W/5000W/6000W

Rated heat output in electric mode: 900W/1800W

Rated heat output in mixed mode: max. 6900W (Boost-Betrieb)

Fuel consumption: 0,1 – 0,6 l/h

Power consumption (at 12V): 0,4 – 8,1 A

Power consumption (at 230V): 3,9A / 7,8A

Water capacity: 10 litres

Heating time (from approx. 15C to approx. 60C): Water container: approx. 20 min.

Heating time (from approx. 15C to approx. 60C): Heating and water consumption acc. to EN 15033: approx. 80 min.

Weight: 16,9kg

Dimensions (L x W x H): 510 x 450 x 300mm

Installation dimensions: (minimum dimensions – additional space must be provided for the gas connection. Water connections and drain valve (L x W x H) depending on the installation situation): 540 x 540 x 350mm.

Power consumption (at 12V): heating water container: 0,5A

Air flow rate (free blowing): max.287m3/h

Quiescent current: approx. 1 mA

Quiescent current consumption CP plus (optional): 3 mA

FrostControl heating element (optional): max.0.4 A

Pump pressure: max. 2.8 bar

System pressure: max. 4.5 bar

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