Victron Energy Orion Smart Non-Isolated DC-DC Charger 12/12-30A – New Product


This Victron DC-DC charger has smart alternator compatibility and an adaptive 3 stage charge algorithm (bulk – absorption – float) to suit your battery setup. The charger has high temperature protection which means that the output current of the charger will reduce at high ambient temperature. The unit also offers IP43 protection as long as it is installed with the screw terminals oriented downwards.


Manufacturer: Victron Energy
Part Number: ORI121236140
Weight: 1.8kg
Length: 186mm
Width: 80mm
Height: 130mm
Input Voltage: 10 – 17V
Output Voltage: 10 – 15V
Continuous Output Current: 30A
Max Output Current: 40A
Continuous Output Power: 430W at 25°C
Operating Temperature Range: -20 to +55°C

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